Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My cat thinks my bed is her bed.

Random post title... I was trying to think of one and my cat jumps on my bed and stretches out like its hers.  Oh, the diva. 

Sooo... I changed my blog title... I like this one better because a) I'm a bit of a linguistics nerd, (I'm one of 5 Spanish three students this year and plan to take Spanish 4 next year PLUS Russian at a local college and I'm actually upset that my school won't offer AP Spanish until after I graduate) b) I like how poetic it sounds, and c) It fits me better now- I've realised a lot of my posts centre around me trying to figure out stuff. (because that's so poetic...)
In other news, school is OK, I guess.  We have a bunch of new rules that I think are kind of dumb, like if we miss more than 10 classes a year we cant pass the class we missed unless we have a valid reason, and family trips aren't a valid reason.  I'm a bit pissed at this because of reasons previously explained. (Please take a moment to read this post if not done so... I don't feel like re- explaining myself.)   So going down to AZ is going to give me 6 days of already if we want to be there the day before the wedding, which will probably happen because my mom is reading scripture at the wedding and therefore we'll probably need to be there for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  If my aunts wedding and my grandmothers 70th birthday aren't valid reasons, I don't know what is other than Cholera or some other terminal illness.  Never have I been so thankful to have a doctor dad and a nurse mom- I never missed school for sickness unless I was throwing up or worse... 
Little Faith: Mom... I don't feel good....
Mom:  Here's an alive, now get ready for school and talk to me if you still feel sick later. 

It's things like those that strengthened my immune system, and now I rarely get sick!  (Although I do get migraines occasionally, which kinda suck.)
Ohh... I might have to wait more to get my wisdom teeth out... I like that... (Just so, you know, I don't miss more than 10 days of class while in horrendous pain from major dental surgery and can graduate on time.  [ my wisdom teeth haven't developed roots or started coming it yet, but they're compacting my front teeth, so my orthodontist said that I would have to get them out at the end of the summer weather they've come in or not, but I was in Ukraine this summer, so I didn't get them out, so I don't know when I'll get them out... whoa, run- on sentence!])
Anyway, I still have to finish my online health course, so I'll go work on that now... Oh crap, I have to pack my lunch still! 
Days left of school: 178
Health lessons left:3

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