Saturday, January 24, 2009

Musical practice started today. YAY! I'm happy- I love musical season. We were supposed to dance, but the choreographer couldn't make it, so we just learned some songs.

My school's basketball team had their first defeat last night. At least, the first defeat that counted. I wasn't surprised; the team they played was HUGE (meaning the height of the guys) and were also undefeated. It was a stressful game- but was a lot of fun. The game determined which school would be first in our league.

I've had a small breakout on my face. Ew. And they're all the stupid kind of zits that are under your skin and so your skin just looks like the surface of Mars close up. I've also been eating a lot. Like, not at meals, but it seems like I'm eating little things constantly. I blame hormones.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The darling Abby posted about Covenant College over on her blog- and I think I might like it. As of right now, there is only one other college I'm looking at, but I'm a sophomore and I have time. It fits all of my first- glance requirements, (Christan College but doesn't say "Christian" or "Bible" or anything like that in the name and out of state) plus its closer to home than the other college I'm looking at. (Seattle Pacific University) It has a variety of Undergrad programs, including English Communications, Journalism, and even English Theatre. I think I might like it...

Wait. Actually, as I read their website more, I don't think I want to be an English Major there.... All of their sentences are one- thought sentences, and a lot of their sentences start with "and"... hmm. Well, it seemed good at first.... I'll probably still look at it, but it won't be my first choice.

As I look around the SPU website, the more I think I'll like it. The English department looks tough, and an English major has to be proficient in a foreign language, but it seems good. The writing on the website is pretty good, too. No major grammar errors that I'm aware of!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oh, dear blog, I bet you feel rejected and lonely, don't you! I is sorry.

High school is so stressful. I'm only in tenth grade, and my dad is already making me look at colleges so he can plan vacations around college visits! It sucks. The closer I get to having to decide what I want to do for the rest of my life, the less I'm sure what it is I want to do! *sigh...*

Finals are this week, and all of my teachers gave more tests on top of that. Apparently they'll help us study... Yea, the same stuff we've been studying for the past three weeks! It's not going to help us study, it just adds to the stress level!

Sorry for venting.... life sucks. Well, not really, but life during finals does. I want chocolate.

My family doesn't really have any snack foods in the house, and after church my mom went to the grocery store, so Yearin and I looked for some. THERE ARE SO MANY TYPES OF POPTARTS!! Yes, that was random. I'm a random person.

I'm hyper today. I don't know why, I just am... So I think I'll end this post with a hamster on a piano...