Friday, September 26, 2008

Pon and Zi

Pon and Zi (pronounced 'z') are two of the most adorable creatures ever! The blue one is the girl and the yellow one is the boy; I don't know which one is Pon and which one is Zi, though.

Falling for you.

Friday, September 19, 2008


One of my favorite bands EVER is Flyleaf. I really like their song "I'm So Sick," because it's just so fun to blast, and Lacy is an amazing singer and one of the few girls I've heard that can pull off screaming, but my favorite is "Cassie." The song is about a girl who died during Columbine, and it is an amazing story. When the gunmen started shooting, Cassie Bernall hid in a trashcan, but was found. She was asked to deny Christ and she didn't. I'm always amazed hearing stories like this, where people are told to deny God or die. I pray that if I'm ever in a situation like that, that I will have the courage to do the same.

"I'm So Sick"


This is the link to a slideshow with pictures of Cassie and another girl who was also killed for her faith set to "Cassie"

I also like their song "All Around Me." Honestly, If I could, I would just post all of their songs. All of you should just go and buy their CD, 'cuz it's amazing.

Monday, September 15, 2008

My Balloons

So basically the entire point of this post is to move my previous post down. Don't get me wrong; I like that post, I just think it's been sitting at the top for too long and I need to write a new post.

I'm very happy, because the teachers have been assigning less homework ( YAY FOR COMPLAINING!), and I actually got it done (and started...) before 8:00 tonight.

My school has decided on a musical for this spring, and we are doing Annie Get Your Gun. I added it to our netflix que and it should be coming soon.

I'm... so... tired....

Children 18:3 is made of awesome. :)

Song: All My Balloons

I downloaded a ton of music today because I have two free download cards. Be jealous.

"The words I wrote are a broken chain/ Keeping me from the criminally insane/ But it's gone and there's no stopping/ The words I wrote and the songs I sane/ Keep this ship from sinking to It's grave/ But it's gone and there's no stopping/ All my balloons are popping"

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I'm really bored.

I like sprite.

I'm tired.

I'm not liking 10th grade right now.

I have waaaaaaaaay to much homework- over 3 hours a night!

I have no idea why I'm writing this.

I'm on youtube.

I just ate dinner.

I actually don't have any homework due tomorrow, aside from studying for an English quiz.

I want books.

I want my band music.

I want to sleep.

I'm on twitter.

I want to write.

I want to make a youtube movie.

I'm creatively dry right now.

I want homecoming not to be in my school gym and still cost $40, the same price as last year which was held at a country club ballroom.

I want to be able to think of good endings for blog posts.

Friday, September 5, 2008

They Know Where You Sleep...

Who is they? They is Google.

I just found this article on the Comcast homepage. It's rather creepy...

Have any of you heard of the recently released google app. Chrome? Me neither, until I read the article. Basically, it logs where you have been one the internet, and if you want to search for something, all you have to do is start typing into the nav bar and links for related websites come into the bar.

Sounds good, right? It's intended to make web searches easier, but it can do more that that...

One story referenced in the article is about a man who searched online banking. Chrome accessed a website and found out account numbers, passwords, everything! As a teen growing up in a quickly digitilized world, I'm a bit scared. When I'm an adult, most thinks will probably be digitilized, and I'll barely have to step out of my house! I personally don't want chrome getting any of my personal information, for any website at all.

The writer of the article is much more fluent than I am, so just go read the article!