Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I'm really bored.

I like sprite.

I'm tired.

I'm not liking 10th grade right now.

I have waaaaaaaaay to much homework- over 3 hours a night!

I have no idea why I'm writing this.

I'm on youtube.

I just ate dinner.

I actually don't have any homework due tomorrow, aside from studying for an English quiz.

I want books.

I want my band music.

I want to sleep.

I'm on twitter.

I want to write.

I want to make a youtube movie.

I'm creatively dry right now.

I want homecoming not to be in my school gym and still cost $40, the same price as last year which was held at a country club ballroom.

I want to be able to think of good endings for blog posts.


Aspiring Author said...

haha!! nice... That about summed up my feelings... except that my homecoming is always in our gym but it only costs us 8...

And I am even hating my volleyball coach who relentlessly dishes out sets of lines...

mr zig said...

I like sprite too :) and you tube - and I like grade 10 - only I'm not in it, but teaching it instead! :) - Grade 10's are a fun bunch

Abigail said...

i'm so BORED!! and i'm happy to have a cyberfriend. i always wanted one, you know, in another country. we should exchange msn's so we can chat (and i know that sounds like something a freaky internet stalker would say, but don't worry, it's just me :))... except america is in some freaky time zone. and also, everyone would see it in your comments. which would suck. grr. why does everything have to be so HARD?!? some days are just like walking through soup, seriously.
ooh! you're in grade ten? i'm in grade... nine, i guess. we use the year system here, so year ten and grade nine are the same. they put year ten and eleven together here, cos we're so small :)