Saturday, August 30, 2008

Harry Potter

I picked this up while reading Kaley's archives and decided to do it and save it in my drafts in case I ever needed to post something and had nothing to post. [ Edit: I later decided to post this when the next Harry Potter movie came out, but then they moved the release date to June...) Number your 12 favourite Harry Potter characters, in no particular order, and answer the questions below the cut! No peeking.
1. Luna Lovegood.
2. Fred Weasley.
3. George Weasley.
4. Hermione Granger.
5. Harry Potter.
6. Ronald Weasley.
7. Sirius Black.
8. Remus Lupin.
9. James Potter.
10. Lily Potter.
11. Ginny Weasley.
12. Nymphadora Tonks.
1) Have you ever read a Six/Eleven fanfic before?[Ron/Ginny]
I hope not! 2

) Do you think Four is hot? How hot?[ Hermione]
Ew. I'm straight.

3) What would happen if Twelve got Eight pregnant?[Tonks/Lupin]
Thats Kind of twisted... But not... Cuz they do end up together.... I'M CONFUZZLED!

4) Do you recall any fics about Nine?[James]
yes, but they're all WAY out of character.

5) Would Two and Six make a good couple?[Fred/Ron]
8 -0. EEEEW!!

6) Five/Nine or Five/Ten?[Harry/James][Harry/Lily]
8 -l. No. Impossible, cuz a) They're his parents, and b) they're dead.

7) What would happen if Seven walked in on Two and Twelve having sex?[Sirius] [Fred/Tonks] Were he living, he probably beat up Fred, were he living, for having sex with his BFFL’s woman.

8) Make up a summary of a Three/Ten Fanfic.[George/Lily]
While grieving the loss of his twin, George finds a time turner and *tries* to go back in time to stop his death. Unfortunately, never being taught how to use a time turner, he goes back to far… I really hope that never happens...

9) Is there any such thing as a One/Eight fluff?[Luna/Lupin]
Sure Hope not. 10) Suggest a title for a Seven/Twelve Hurt/Comfort fic.[Sirius/Tonks] "Teddy's Daddy" I don't know...

11) What kind of plot would you use if you wanted Four to de-flower One?[Hermione/Luna] .... What kind of twisted person would write/read about that? 1

2) Does anyone on your friends list read Three het?[George]
What's that? Yes I'm sheltered.

13) Does anyone on your friends list write or draw Eleven?[Ginny]
Yes! We all love her!

14) Would anyone on your friends list write Two/Four/Five?[Fred/Hermione/Harry]
No. We're all Hermione/Ron and Ginny/Harry shippers.

15) What might ten scream at a moment of great passion?[Lily]
... I don't know.

16) If you wrote a song-fic about Eight, what song would you choose?[Lupin]
"Everything You Ever Wanted" By Hawk Nelson

17) If you wrote a One/Six/Twelve fic, what would the warning be?[Luna/Ron/Tonks]
Why would I need a warning? I never write about adult material.

18) What might be a good pick-up line for Ten to use on Two?[Lily/Fred]
.... well considering she's dead, I'm sure it would be something complimenting him on his uncanny ability to make a time-turner... though that wouldn't really be a pick-up line...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Something is Wrong.

Very wrong. This is the fourth day of my sophomore year, and we already have to write SAT level essays! Seriously! We also have to take PSAT's this year. My parents didn't have to take PSATs until they were juniors!

In other news, my parents are going to a football game today, so Rinny (My sister) and I are making dinner! Or, to be more accurate, I am making dinner. Rinny's the one taking foods class! I really don't care though. We're making stir fry! Yummy! It's nice hosting an exchange student though, because she really is like my sister, but we're friends as well, so there really is so sibling rivalry. I think she's really cool, and we have a lot of the same interests, as well.

Okey-doke. I don't have anything more to say right now, so I shall see you later!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Sister's Back!

So my "sister" (actually an exchange student who's been living with us the past few years) came back from Korea today! YAY! Me and Lily asked her to get us some socks, because Korean socks are SO cute! She got A TON. We're each allowed five, and these are my five:

Aren't they adorable!

Last year she got me these slippers:

and Lily stole and wore them every time she came to my house, so I asked her to get a pair for Lily so Lily wouldn't steal mine. These are Lilys:

And she got me these ones, too!

I'm really excited to have Yearin ("Rinny") back. I'd take her picture, but she won't let me because she has zits. (They're barely noticeable!)

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Friday morning I woke up to my father shouting "Faith, Lily's here!"

Thinking it was a ruse to get me out of bed, I rolled over and shouted back "No, she's not!"

"Yes, she is!"

That's when I heard her, rambling about some bug on my sidewalk.

Once I finally got out of bed, dressed, and ate, we listened to Jonas Brothers on the 30- minute drive to my grandparents house, where we enjoyed a morning of swimming and critiquing each others dives and perfecting our own. After a lunch of pizza, we swam for another hour, then drove back home and took Lily to Field hockey practice.

While Lily was learning how to hit a ball with a stick, dad took me to Old Navy to buy some back- to- school clothes.

We went to a Japanese restaurant for dinner where we were served by a hot Japanese waiter with hackin' awesome shoes.

We stayed up late, and at midnight (literally- it was 12:00 on the nose!) we ate ramen and hot chocolate while watching Ella Enchanted.

After waking up at 11:30 today, we went shopping! We went to Aeropostale, PacSun, Journeys, Hot Topic, Victoria's Secret, and American Eagle, but we didn't buy stuff from all of those places.

I saw a lot of stuff I want, but I can't afford them right now, because I have no job. I got shoelaces at hot topic for my converse, and a shirt at American Eagle.

Tomorrow is my last day of freedom.

I Caved to Peer Pressure.

My heart is pounding.

I can't believe I did what I just did.

Everyone else was doing it, I thought it would be fine.

It wasn't. I became addicted.

It started out innocent, posting an update once a day.

But that once a day update soon turned into posting something almost every time I went online.

I'm sorry. I joined twitter.

Ignore the warnings. Come to the dark side. (We have cookies! :D)

Countdown to school: 2 DAYS!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

I Hate Physco- Analyzing Books.

I really do.

This is how I look after an hour of trying to write my report on Of Mice and Men:

Family Force Five is helping, though.

Thursday, August 21, 2008



Part One: Enjoy the many posts you shall get this week, because next week I lose my freedom for the next few months. Why? Three words: Back. To. School.

Part Two: I get to enjoy a weekend of Lily before we go back to school! (Even though we go to the same school and are in the same homeroom and are pretty much in the same classes, at least I think, and our lockers are usually next to each othe) Tonight is back to school night and so we'll see each other there, then tomorrow we're going swimming in the morning, and after her field hockey practice she's spending the night, and on Saturday we're going shopping!

Part Three: Self Defense. Person A. told Person B. who told Lily who told me about this video, and know I must tell someone about it, so I'm telling you guys, and you must pass on this video! (JK. You don't have to. If you really want to break a tradition you can...)


Part Four: Merry Christmas!

His name is Brad Stine and he is very funny!
Countdown to school: FOUR DAYS. :(

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ukraine in Pictures

Our compartment on the train to Odessa.

"Mother Russia" and Vladimir Lennon... or Joseph Stalin...

Random Animals from the villages...

Mom and Dad chilling out...
Downtown Kyiv

Chornoybl Museum:

This says "Dedicated to the * This is a message from*
memory of our deceased *firefighters in NY. I'm *
brothers/ from the * not sure what it says...*
of the United States of America"

Me is bo- red.

And Me wants to write a blog post.

Since my last two posts were pretty serious, I thought I would do a lighter post today, and tell you how I'm spending my last week of freedom.

GUESS WHAT! I GOT BREAKING DAWN! I like it, but apparently a lot of people didn't... I don't think that more people disliked it, I just think that the people who didn't like it are being more vocal in their opinions. It's not my favorite of the series, but I like it.

On Friday my dad is taking me and my best friend Lily to my grandparents pool to swim, and Lily will probably spend the night at my house. That means pictures and a blog post! (If Lily lets me; I will respect her privacy!)

I recently got a blue tooth! I'm actually talking on it right now! It's actually my mom's old one, she never used it so she and dad gave it to me.

Talk about multi- tasking- I'm making brownies, talking on the phone, and typing at the same time!

Sometime between today and Friday, I'm going back to school shopping. My school has a new dress code this year, and we're not allowed to wear jeans. Since I only have three pairs of pants that aren't jeans, and I'm not the biggest fan of skirts, I need some new clothes! I also need some new school supplies because most of mine from last year are worn out.

Okey- doke. I don't know how to end this so I'll just end it here.



Monday, August 18, 2008

Ukraine Follow-up

I'm back! Well, sort of. I'm actually writing this somewhere over the Atlantic ocean on a Boeing 757 on my way home from Amsterdam! Nim's Island just finished showing; the credits are playing now.
The trip was really good, though there wasn't much for me to do. One of the things we did was take a tour of downtown Odessa (Oдeca) and the underground catacombs, where the resistance to the Nazi's lived/fought for three years!
Downtown Odessa has beautiful architecture.

This just looks like a false facade, but the building is actually triangularly built! I thought it was kind of interesting...

Facade... ... actual building!

Odessa's port:

and the street behind it...

(I'm not quite sure who that's a statue of...)

The Catacombs:
Their kitchen...

Their motivation...
This says "blood for blood, death for death"

Their "firewall" (I forget the actual term...)
The infirmary...

The memorial to them...

I've gained a lot from my "Summer of Chaos"; including the "courage" to call it what it really is- A summer of missions and outreach. At first I was embarrassed to call it Summer of Missions, because I know non-Christians read this blog and I thought it would hurt my readership. Now, I don't really care. This blog isn't for them- it's for me! Yea, it's nice to have readers/comments, and yea, I might not be overt about my faith, but I still want to reach out to people and I realize I shouldn't chance things around just to try to get more readers. If someone doesn't want to read my blog because I'm a christian, so be it.
After traveling to poorer countries this summer, I feel like a spoiled brat, to put it lightly. These people have so little! I wouldn't go so far as to say "They're so happy!" because, one, that's to cliché for me, and two, it's not true! These people are searching for something, but they haven't found it!
I don't know where exactly I was going with this, but let me end with this:
Go on a missions/international trip at least once in your life. You will be touched forever by what you see- I know I have. After my first trip three years ago to Costa Rica, I wanted to stay forever!
Bottom line is, seeing poverty on TV is nothing like seeing it first hand, and I'm so glad I've had the opportunities I've had.

The Blasphemy Challenge

I was going to write a post about my time in Ukraine, but them I saw this:

and I realized I had to do something. Since my camera is acting up, I decided to write a blog post. This video breaks my heart, and I just want to say one thing.

I do not deny God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ. I am a Christian, and I am proud of it.

1, 529 people have made video responses, joking about this and acting like hell is going to be greatist place on earth. It's not. Hell is fire. Hell is death. Hell is eternal seperation from God, and hell is painful. It will never end. I kills me to see that almost 2000 people have turned their backs on God because He's "not logical." Actually, over 2000 people have; but I'm focusing on this group on Youtube.

God is logical. He created Logic. There is scientific evidence that He exists and the Bible is true; so much that I can't post them all! There have been countless books written by people who tried to scientifically deny his existance, and couldn't. These books include The Case For Christ and Evidence that Demands a Verdic.

Back to the people on Youtube. After even just watching that video, how can you want to deny God? That video itself says that Hell is horrible! How can one want to go to hell? It's not going to be a party. It's going to be eternal seperation from God. It's going to be lonely. It's going to be eternity in the lake of fire. It's going to be painful. How can you choose that over heaven? Heaven is forever with God! Heaven is fellowship with God forever! Heaven is Paradise! Heaven is Perfect! How can one not want to go there? Yea, being a christian on earth may ne hard. It may cause you persicution. But the rewards are great!

God is real. And I believe it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Faith has internet!

So, yea. Internet's back! Tomorrow is our last day of ministry; we'll be in a village called Kubanka. Fortunetly it's close to Odesa! After that, we're going to a missionarys house for dinner, then they're taking us to another missionaries house for a desert night with all the missionaries from their organization in Odesa. If that was hard to understand, I'm sorry!

Friday morning we leave for Kyiv, and we're spending the day there. On Saturday, we leave for the US via Amsterdam! We get back LATE that night. I'll have a week of some MUCH NEEDED R&R, then school starts the 25th! I can't believe how fast this summer has gone! Well, actually I can, since by this time Suday I'll have been in 7 different countries counting the US and Airports!

I FINNALLY finished Of Mice and Men! (I've been working on it since Peru!) It's... interesting. I'm not sure what to make of it. We had a layover in Philly, and I left my copy of it on the plane, so when we got to London (Layover only; dad tried to work a few day's in there, but it was to exspensive. :( ), I had to buy a new copy! It was about ten euros, so about $20!

I love Ukraine, but I can't wait to get back to the States, and sleep in my own bed, and eat chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter and real butter (they only have margerine here) and Kraft macaroni and cheese and drink hot chololate and cold soda and read Breaking Dawn and most of all be back in my own time zone!

We have a long day tomorrow, but I'm ready!


PS: The spellchecker on blogger isn't working, so sorry if words are spelled wrong.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

[insert snappy- sounding title here.]

Guess where I'm typing this. No, really, guess.

Got it?

I'M IN UKRIAINE! Thats, right folks, I have internet access!! My parents are on their way to the village (I have know idea what the name is, and we go to different ones every day, and their weird names.) and I'm staying back with one of the missionaries. They were kind enough to let me use their computer to check their email! [ THANK YOU!] We have internet in our appartment, but it's not working. I'm able to check blogs here, but not youtube. Oh, well.

Anyhoos, I don't have anything left to typ--

OH YES I DO. (I really need to stop typing in caps...)
The weirdist thing happened last night. I had just finished the second chapter of Desecration (from the Left Behind series) and I decided to read my Bible. I opened my Bible and just as I was saying "God, what do you want me to read today?" The power went out! I lit some candles and read Psalms 5 and Revelation 5, and then prayed. As soon as I said Amen, the lights came back on! I really don't know what to make of that!

That's all I have to say. As soon as we get internet in our appartment, (hopefully tomorrow)I'll probably be back to posting regular updates and posts, as well as keeping up with my subscriptions better!