Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hey, remember me? You know, that girl that blogs? Yea... I've kinda been on a hiatus. Freaking musical. 10 days and I'll have my life back. YAY. Now to do homework that I'm supposed to have done....

sorry for the short post, but I just wanted you to know that I am, in fact, alive.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Screw BEDA.

Sorry to those of you who read this unfinished- I hit the wrong button after writing the title- it's not what it seems!

So anyhow, I can't do this- it's unnecessary stress. Sure, it sounds fun. But April's a bad month. April comes with research papers, standardized testing, AP applications, and all of the wonderful end of year stress that comes with high school. Yay.

So maybe I can do a modified version of BEDA. Blog Every Week in April? Blog Every Other Day in April? Maybe I can just challenge myself to blog more often in general- but about a subject, not just "hey, this is my day. my life is boring... what should i write about...???" Cuz I'm sure you're all sick and tired of that!

Some people have the ability to create a great post on one topic, and have it be of substantial length. I can't do that- in order for me to write something of good length, I have to hop from subject to subject- I don't know why. I hate that I can never write anything long without putting in lots of big spaces.


In other news, I have Easter break next week, so my family is going on vacation next week. It should be fun! I also have my Easter dress, finally. I love it!

I have homework...


Monday, April 6, 2009

Ideas, anyone?

To be honest, I don't feel like blogging today. I want to make some hot chocolate and popcorn, go upstairs, snuggle up comfortably in my bed, and watch The Notebook. I have yet to see that movie, and I really, really want to. I've read the book, and it is amazing. Not only is it a great love story, but the imagery and writing are So. Freaking. Good!

But I've made a commitment, and I will follow through with it.

But really, I need something to write about.

It's too late to upload pictures from Spain; my laptop battery is almost dead. (22 % remaining.)

Wow, it suddenly got a lot darker...

I'm so sorry my posts are so short. I've been stressed with musical and school, and I honestly have not gotten a lot of sleep the past few days. I think I'm going to get some ice cream and start on homework...

best wishes!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Evenin', y'all. wassup?

Today is Palm Sunday, the day Christ rode into Jerusalem on a Donkey, and the Jews took palm branches and laid them down on for Christ to walk on. This marks the beginning of the last week of Jesus' life.

I wrote thank- you notes to the people who are paying my way- I mean graciously donating to my trip to Ukraine this summer :-D - then went to choir and youth group.

This upcoming week: two more days of state testing, one and 1/2 days of school, then SPRING FREAKING BREAK!!! w00t w00t!

Yea, that was dumb.


My life is so boring. I need to find something to write about.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I forgot about BEDA again....

SO. Today I went shopping for an Easter dress. I found two really cute ones that I like, and I'm going back this week to buy them.

I also had musical practice. My school is weird... we're a very Conservative small school, and two of the dances I'm in feel like p*rn (so I don't get weirdos, I took out the "o") and a cult dance. lol. Oh, gosh. I just used lol in a blog post...

Anyhows, I don't have anything to talk about. I really need to find things to talk about...

It's amazing how blogging can come so easily to some people. How do they do it? I've already written a blog post about this, a while ago when I first started blogging. It always bothers me about how I can never write a blog of substantial length. I guess I'm more of a twitter/texting person. Two bad I'm not allowed to twitter.

*sigh* I need something to write about. Ideas, anyone? I have six followers!!

Oh, and in response to a question about the meaning of discombobulated, it basically means confused.

otay byebye!

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Nick of Time

Phew! I made it. I was driving home after dropping Jess off, and I realized I had yet to write a blog post today.

You know, time is such a funny thing. It seems to go so slowly, but when you look back at things, you realize how fast it's gone. It seems like yesterday I was walking through the halls of my school with my dad the day before I started first grade to meet my teacher. During this school year, I felt like things were going by slowly, but two days ago I realized I only had forty days until becoming a Junior!

I saw Knowing today. It was.... interesting. It's good, but it's not the best and not worth the $7. I would wait until it's available on netflix.

This Sunday is Palm Sunday, and the beginning of Holy Week in the Christian church. Wow! It seems like forever since Christmas!



Thursday, April 2, 2009

For lack of better title, BEDA day 2

So I had this epic blog post planned yesterday, where I would go about my school day while writing a blog, then I would type it up here when I got home.

That obviously didn't work.

So I have to think of something to write....




I got nothin'. Remind me again why I decided to do this? Oh, yea. Because I have no life. And I thought it would be fun. Boy was I wrong!

Today in Spanish class we finished our textbook! YAY! We've had the same book for two years. It's about time we finished! To celebrate, we're going to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. And then we get a new book. See, the books we use only have two books for four years- one for Spanish 1&2, and one for Spanish 3&4. We just finished the Spanish 1/2 book, and so we're starting on the 3/4 book. Yippity- do- dah.

Tomorrow we have achievement tests for half the day. Yay. we have them on half days for tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday.

Also, tomorrow my friend Lily and I are gonna see Knowing. I've heard it's bad, but I want to see it anyway! Hopefully my friend Jess can go to, but I haven't been able to get a hold of her... sad. :(

Saturday I have musical practice for 4 hours, and the director wants us to have all of the dancing finished and learned in the next two practices. I highly doubt that will happen, since we have two big dances to learn that we haven't even started, plus we have to finish a lot of the smaller dances, too.

As far as my trip to Ukraine goes, I have almost $800 raised!! I'm soooo excited. Now I have to write thank- you notes to everyone. I should probably do that now... adios!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

BEDA Day one

Dang, this is gonna be HARD. It's day one, and I have NO FREAKING IDEA what to blog about.

soooooo.... Well, today I went to school and then musical practice. Not much interesting stuff...

Today is April Fools day, and I didn't do any pranks, as usual. I haven't really done any since fifth grade.

This is a blog... I guess this can be my first BEDA blog!

I have a works cited due tommorrow for my research paper, along with 20 notecards about my subject. FUN. I should probably go do those now.