Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Screw BEDA.

Sorry to those of you who read this unfinished- I hit the wrong button after writing the title- it's not what it seems!

So anyhow, I can't do this- it's unnecessary stress. Sure, it sounds fun. But April's a bad month. April comes with research papers, standardized testing, AP applications, and all of the wonderful end of year stress that comes with high school. Yay.

So maybe I can do a modified version of BEDA. Blog Every Week in April? Blog Every Other Day in April? Maybe I can just challenge myself to blog more often in general- but about a subject, not just "hey, this is my day. my life is boring... what should i write about...???" Cuz I'm sure you're all sick and tired of that!

Some people have the ability to create a great post on one topic, and have it be of substantial length. I can't do that- in order for me to write something of good length, I have to hop from subject to subject- I don't know why. I hate that I can never write anything long without putting in lots of big spaces.


In other news, I have Easter break next week, so my family is going on vacation next week. It should be fun! I also have my Easter dress, finally. I love it!

I have homework...



terri said...

Not quite what I had in mind, but I like your conviction!

Faith said...

I never got a chance to finish- I clicked the wrong button! I'm finishing it now... stupid enter key...

Huckdoll said...

Hey you, long time no see! Hope to see you back and writing when things slow down!