Thursday, April 2, 2009

For lack of better title, BEDA day 2

So I had this epic blog post planned yesterday, where I would go about my school day while writing a blog, then I would type it up here when I got home.

That obviously didn't work.

So I have to think of something to write....




I got nothin'. Remind me again why I decided to do this? Oh, yea. Because I have no life. And I thought it would be fun. Boy was I wrong!

Today in Spanish class we finished our textbook! YAY! We've had the same book for two years. It's about time we finished! To celebrate, we're going to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. And then we get a new book. See, the books we use only have two books for four years- one for Spanish 1&2, and one for Spanish 3&4. We just finished the Spanish 1/2 book, and so we're starting on the 3/4 book. Yippity- do- dah.

Tomorrow we have achievement tests for half the day. Yay. we have them on half days for tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday.

Also, tomorrow my friend Lily and I are gonna see Knowing. I've heard it's bad, but I want to see it anyway! Hopefully my friend Jess can go to, but I haven't been able to get a hold of her... sad. :(

Saturday I have musical practice for 4 hours, and the director wants us to have all of the dancing finished and learned in the next two practices. I highly doubt that will happen, since we have two big dances to learn that we haven't even started, plus we have to finish a lot of the smaller dances, too.

As far as my trip to Ukraine goes, I have almost $800 raised!! I'm soooo excited. Now I have to write thank- you notes to everyone. I should probably do that now... adios!


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