Friday, August 20, 2010

It's been a while.

Oh, hey, I have a blogger!
I didn't forget- I just got lazy, then I went to Israel.

Buttt... I have a new blog, on tumblr.  I switched because it's easier to keep up with people I know irl, and yea... idk.  I just like having the newist shiniest thing on the interwebs.  Idk.

So I'm packing up and moving, if you wish to follow me. 
It is:

I'll talk a bit about israel on there, and upload pictures, and spill my guts and yea... This is awkward. 

Goodbye, ramblings/lost. I still love you, and you served me well.  It's not you, it's me. 


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Well, this is awkward.


It's been quite a while.

Does anyone even read this anymore?

So, um.  Hi.

School is out for the summer! YAY! I AM A HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR! and stuff.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

If you have OCD, get medicine.
If you have depression, get medicine.
If you have ADD, get medicine.
Trust me, it makes life a lot easier. Especially if your entire family has this.

Monday, February 1, 2010

I hate my family.  I hate life. I hate school, I hate my peers.  I hate this world. I hate the government.  Jesus, come back soon!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Declaration of Liberation

Today I was facebook stalking some people, as usual, while procrastinating on my homework.  (Which for once is odd, because it's on one of my favorite periods of history. )  Anyway, I came across a note written by a senior in my Creative Writing class and thought it was good, so I decided to put it here, since I'm too lazy to write an original post of my own.

So, without further adieu,
"Declaration of Liberation" 
By Anderson Lake
intresting realization: in 20 years someone our age will be president, in 20 years 35% of us will be dead, in 10 years 46% of us will be married and most of that percent will ahve children, in 10 years most of us will be starting careers that will take up over 70% of our lives, in 5 years most of us will no longer be considered teenagers, Today were considered to be amere part of a percentage made by biased "Adults" who think they know whats best for the world, look where their solutions have landed us, I say this year we screw the percintiles and we make a stand to change the world, to be unbiased and actually give a damn about other people, instead of writing others off because we might not like them. This is our Generation, This is our world, This is our century. Its time to eradicate the old ways and establish the new, a system that doesn't call itself a system, change that isn't hidden under stacks of paperwork. We've been told whats right and wrong by a generation who supports abortion, gay marriage, and racism for long enough. We need to get back to the foundations of morality, WHATS RIGHT IS RIGHT and whats WRONG IS WRONG! THere is no grey area. I'm tired of my elders glaring at me and crossing to the other side of the road because all they see is a statistic, not a person, not the future, just a number. If we're messed up then their to blame, the enviroment they created for us left some of our generation to be neglected or abused which in turn will create a new generation which is worse then ourselves to which we will throw in a statistic and judge. I say that the world as is, is dying and falling a part because no one cares, I say that everyone is to selfish to look for a solution that works for anyone but themselves, I say its time to overthrow this way of life, shed ourselves of these materilistic and pompous views, I say we take a stand for what is right, and when the older generation meets us with violent oppression because we are disturbing the way they want it we will meet them with a force so undeniable, so unstoppable they will have no choice but to lay down their weapons of biggotry and "tradition" that they will have no choice but to allow this change to take place, a change that will help heal the world, that will allow the world to mend its broken ties, no longer will countries be at war, for those imbittered enemies of our grandparent and parent's generations will be no more, in their place will be those who seek peace and prosperity, no longer will we neglect the needs of others, no longer will the cries of hungry children go unanswered, no longer will the people be forced to accept what the news stands are selling, when we live in a world ruled by morality and hope, injustice and depravity will starve. There will always be those who will fight against this, those in our own generation, and those who will be in the next, but we will not stop their voice, we will not be as our parents who shun the voice of those who question, silence those they beleive to be radical. One day it is my hope that all will see the light of this new world and the blessings it can bring to us all. I say these things not to hide my agenda with flowery words, I have no agenda, only hope. Hope that the world can be once again at peace, would it be possible to turn the tide of that which is prophecied in the revelation? As abraham begged God to stop the destruction of Sodom and Gomorah if he could find but 50 men of God, now imagine what would happen if the entire world follwed the will of God, if the entire World no longer wished to stray from the flock. I am not saying that this will ever happen nor that we can work against God's perfect will, only that I would hope for a world at peace. Thank you.
 Personally, I thought this was rather profound, especially for a high school senior, and especially where I live.  My town is a bunch of red neck wannabe's, so, I thought this was cool. It really is a good thing to show to the government and written at a great time, with the Massachusetts senate election and what not.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

On the way home from my school's trip to Disney World, I got the idea for a story title, but no plot to go with it. So, if anyone has an idea for me, that would be wonderful. I'm not trying to steal ideas or anything, I'm just asking for ideas. Anyway, the title is "They Dyed the Sky a Crimson Red." I don't know why, but I think that would be a good story title!

Friday, January 8, 2010

(I'm sick. )I'm sick of feeling like I don't belong.

I'm sick of feeling empty.

I'm sick of feeling like an outcast.

I'm sick of feeling uneeded.
I'm sick of feeling like everyone else is held to a different standard than I am.

I'm sick of feeling replaced.
I'm sick of feeling like a hypocryte.

I'm sick of feeling unadequite.

I'm sicke of feeling unapreciated.

I'm sick of being treated like a kid by my own peers.

I'm sick of life in general.