Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Me is bo- red.

And Me wants to write a blog post.

Since my last two posts were pretty serious, I thought I would do a lighter post today, and tell you how I'm spending my last week of freedom.

GUESS WHAT! I GOT BREAKING DAWN! I like it, but apparently a lot of people didn't... I don't think that more people disliked it, I just think that the people who didn't like it are being more vocal in their opinions. It's not my favorite of the series, but I like it.

On Friday my dad is taking me and my best friend Lily to my grandparents pool to swim, and Lily will probably spend the night at my house. That means pictures and a blog post! (If Lily lets me; I will respect her privacy!)

I recently got a blue tooth! I'm actually talking on it right now! It's actually my mom's old one, she never used it so she and dad gave it to me.

Talk about multi- tasking- I'm making brownies, talking on the phone, and typing at the same time!

Sometime between today and Friday, I'm going back to school shopping. My school has a new dress code this year, and we're not allowed to wear jeans. Since I only have three pairs of pants that aren't jeans, and I'm not the biggest fan of skirts, I need some new clothes! I also need some new school supplies because most of mine from last year are worn out.

Okey- doke. I don't know how to end this so I'll just end it here.




territerri said...

Me is too. I'm glad I'm going back to work next week.

P.S. I like the new layout!

Faith said...

Thanks! The banner was supposed to be different, but I couldn't figure out how to get pictures of me in it...

ALso, The post was supposed to be longer, but accidentily posted it before I could type anything, so I reposted it. Come to think of it, I'm almost glad to go back to school, just to have something to do!

territerri said...

Well, I'm glad I came back to read the rest. Good luck finding clothes. My daughter is like you. She has LOTS of jeans and not much else.

Abigail said...

ah!! you got breaking dawn?!?!?!
you are SO lucky!!! i want it!!! i need it!!! i can't remember if i told you in my other comment, but there are no bookstores in Phnom Penh... sadness. i could order it... but that COSTS. it's SO EXPENSIVE. but i ordered my Revolve Bible for Teen Girls off Amazon, and it's fantastic (but they dumb down the petic language so that 'average teenagers' can read it - but it takes away some of the magic for some verses. so sad.)

i've been back at school for 2.5 weeks already... it's hard!!! enjoy your last days of freedom...
- abbs