Thursday, August 28, 2008

Something is Wrong.

Very wrong. This is the fourth day of my sophomore year, and we already have to write SAT level essays! Seriously! We also have to take PSAT's this year. My parents didn't have to take PSATs until they were juniors!

In other news, my parents are going to a football game today, so Rinny (My sister) and I are making dinner! Or, to be more accurate, I am making dinner. Rinny's the one taking foods class! I really don't care though. We're making stir fry! Yummy! It's nice hosting an exchange student though, because she really is like my sister, but we're friends as well, so there really is so sibling rivalry. I think she's really cool, and we have a lot of the same interests, as well.

Okey-doke. I don't have anything more to say right now, so I shall see you later!


mr zig said...

my wife and I host exchange students in our home and always wonder if they wish that we had older kids so they would have "siblings" (we have a 1 year old daughter, but that's not the same thing i guess!) -

Abigail said...

mmm. we have stir fry all the time over here in good ol' Cambodia.