Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Sister's Back!

So my "sister" (actually an exchange student who's been living with us the past few years) came back from Korea today! YAY! Me and Lily asked her to get us some socks, because Korean socks are SO cute! She got A TON. We're each allowed five, and these are my five:

Aren't they adorable!

Last year she got me these slippers:

and Lily stole and wore them every time she came to my house, so I asked her to get a pair for Lily so Lily wouldn't steal mine. These are Lilys:

And she got me these ones, too!

I'm really excited to have Yearin ("Rinny") back. I'd take her picture, but she won't let me because she has zits. (They're barely noticeable!)


Ella Parry said...

Yes, they are so cute!!!!

Abigail said...

oh so cutesy!!!
well i'mnot homeschooled but i don't really go to a missionary school either... i go to a small international Christian school called Hope - my brother used to go as well but now he's at the International School of Phnom Penh (ISPP) cos he hated it here :) but i really, really love it - its a great environment and everyone knows everyone and the school really depends on God and His leading etc.
In fact I'm sitting in school right now, on the computers... sort of illegally. Cos you're not allowed on personal sites at school. But I had to do homework, so that's my excuse :)
what about you, what school do you go to?

Abigail said...

yeah my school has like 210 people and in grades 9 and 10 together there are 20 people!! :)