Friday, September 26, 2008

Pon and Zi

Pon and Zi (pronounced 'z') are two of the most adorable creatures ever! The blue one is the girl and the yellow one is the boy; I don't know which one is Pon and which one is Zi, though.

Falling for you.


Anonymous said...

Hi how are you? I find your site interesting and would like to invite you to become my blog friend.

I have an art blog here in San Diego and am looking for new friends who will comment. I would of course come back and comment on your blog. I hope to hear from you, and take care... Jesse

Huckdoll said...

Agreed...way cute :) I love "I eated it" ... sounds like my girls.

Anonymous said...

Hi Faith,
Thanks for commenting on my blog. I am a person who has a long story and to answer that question is very complicated for me.

But the short of the long of it is yes... I am a christian. I had a lot of problems with alcohol growing up and fortunately I found a GOD of my understanding that has helped me re-build and have an amazing life.

So I am a spiritual person and I am open to all meditations as long as they don't hurt me. I don't push my ideas on people, I just write what is on my mind. So I believe in a Higher Power. But to take a stand, yes I am christian.

Thanks for your comment.

mr zig said...

hehe - I like those :)

Abigail said...

they are soooooooo cute! i love them! i might steal them and advertise them on my own blog, mwahahaha. and give kudos to you for the discovery.
ooh and today hope played basketball against ISPP (the really snobby school that my bro goes to, well, its not really snobby, but whatever, it's kind of rich) and my bro, who doesn't like hope cos he used to go there and hated it, is always like dude, hope sucks, and then we beat NISC (the other big international school) and i was like HA in your face and he was like well NISC sucks and i was like oh. well. whatever.
and NOW i'm like haHA!! we BEAT you!!!
and he was really embarrassed that i was at his school, on his 'turf' and everything. it was really fun embarrassing him in front of pretty girls and all the 'cool' guys.
wow this comment is really long.