Monday, September 15, 2008

My Balloons

So basically the entire point of this post is to move my previous post down. Don't get me wrong; I like that post, I just think it's been sitting at the top for too long and I need to write a new post.

I'm very happy, because the teachers have been assigning less homework ( YAY FOR COMPLAINING!), and I actually got it done (and started...) before 8:00 tonight.

My school has decided on a musical for this spring, and we are doing Annie Get Your Gun. I added it to our netflix que and it should be coming soon.

I'm... so... tired....

Children 18:3 is made of awesome. :)

Song: All My Balloons

I downloaded a ton of music today because I have two free download cards. Be jealous.

"The words I wrote are a broken chain/ Keeping me from the criminally insane/ But it's gone and there's no stopping/ The words I wrote and the songs I sane/ Keep this ship from sinking to It's grave/ But it's gone and there's no stopping/ All my balloons are popping"


terri said...

I'm glad your homework load hasn't been overwhelming. Are you going to be in the musical?

mr zig said...

haha - hilarious that you sorta wrote a post to move an old post down! (I've done the same thing in the past!)