Saturday, January 24, 2009

Musical practice started today. YAY! I'm happy- I love musical season. We were supposed to dance, but the choreographer couldn't make it, so we just learned some songs.

My school's basketball team had their first defeat last night. At least, the first defeat that counted. I wasn't surprised; the team they played was HUGE (meaning the height of the guys) and were also undefeated. It was a stressful game- but was a lot of fun. The game determined which school would be first in our league.

I've had a small breakout on my face. Ew. And they're all the stupid kind of zits that are under your skin and so your skin just looks like the surface of Mars close up. I've also been eating a lot. Like, not at meals, but it seems like I'm eating little things constantly. I blame hormones.

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terri said...

I used to LOVE school musicals. I never could sing, so I was too chicken to ever try out, but I worked behind the scenes. Have fun with yours! Those will be some great memories.

I don't miss being a teen and having break-outs. In our house, there are about 17 different brands of face wash. I'm not sure which one they like best.