Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The woes of private education.

So most of you know that I go to a privet school somewhere in the northeast US. This has it's pros and cons. Today we are focusing on the Cons.

Although really it's not just a privet school thing- this could happen at any type of school with the exception of homeschooling. It's more about the administration and the ways they try to get school to end earlier- shorter breaks.

This year during the holidays, three VERY IMPORTANT EVENTS are happening. These events are as follows:
1. My grandmother on my mom's side turns 70. Her birthday wish? To spend it with her two daughters and only granddaughter- me. Her location? Arizona

2. My mom's sister, my aunt, who is 45 (I think), is getting married for the first time in her life. Where is this wedding? Arizona. What is the date? December 19th. (Seeing a pattern?)

3. My school choir is going to Disney World to participate in a massive choir with schools from all over the country that will sing in a candlelight concert that takes place after Christmas. We will also get to do concerts in Disney by ourselves, and so will the audition choir, of which I am a founding member of. I have also been in choir since 9th grade. (AND we get to take private vocal workshops. FROM PROFESSIONAL DISNEY PERFORMERS. Yea, the Disney Channel stars tend not to be the best in that area aside from a select few, but the performers at Disney word who do the shows there- You have to admit they're pretty freaking amazing.) When do we leave? December 26.

Now normally this wouldn't be a problem. HOWEVER, when is Christmas break this year? DECEMBER 24th. When is the Christmas concert? December 17th. SO, I have to spend the day before my aunts wedding/ Grandma's birthday in a plane for FIVE FREAKING HOURS. I spend the day before Christmas eve flying back home, and spending Christmas doing laundry. I also miss Christmas with my mom's side of the family, which I haven't had since 7th grade (almost 5 years) and that wasn't even with everyone, which this year would be because of the wedding, obviously. Fortunately I got to see them because my cousin got married last week, but still, we're already missing my other cousin's 10 year vow renewals because of my Ukraine trip, (I leave this Saturday!!!!) and It'd be nice to spend Christmas with them for once.

See why this is a problem?

I am seriously pissed right now. Especially since we get shorter breaks in general this year- yea, we get out WAY earlier, but school just drags on after a while and a break here and there is nice!

But seriously, does it have to be THIS YEAR? UGH.

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Aspiring Author said...

Hey I haven't talked to you in awhile!! That does actually suck a lot! If it helps at all, last year my school didnt get out for summer break until July 2nd... Yeah we were originally scheduled to get out on June 12th but too many snow days...
Sounds like you have your hands full with the family ;)