Friday, June 19, 2009

And So I Go....

In five hours I will be leaving to go to the Airport. I will get on a plane to Chicago, and upon landing proceed to be driven 4 hours to training camp for my trip to Ukraine. Yup, I'm going to Ukraine again! This time, of my own accord and I'm actually excited for it.

I have a week of training camp, then off to Ukraine for FIVE WEEKS. So, I won't be commenting or anything during those five weeks, cos I'll have limited Internet access. So I apologise in advance.

So, what will I do in Ukraine? Well.... It's a basketball trip, and I don't play basketball, so I think I'll be working with kids and doing drama stuff. I'm not sure. I'll let you all know once I get there. For now, here's the link to the website:



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Aspiring Author said...

That sounds AMAZING! Have fun!!!