Sunday, August 23, 2009

We don't need no education, we don't need no mind controll.

In less than 12 hours, I will officially begin my Junior year of high school. I will be an upperclassman, and I will have started the hardest and the most important year of school. STRESS CITY. I have mixed feelings about this. For one, I can't wait to see my friends again and to have structure in my life, and not spend all day melting my brain on the computer. (*cough facebook cough*) But this also means SATs, PSATs, College, getting good grades, figuring what the heck it is I want to be when I grow up, what I want to study in college, finding a job, studying, studying, studying. Oh, and I can't forget to enjoy my youth and high school experience because there is nothing else like it! :-D. That's hard to remember when your brain is LITERALLY hurting during standardized exams.

In case any of you care, heeeeere's my schedule!

Period 1: Bible

Period 2: English

Period 3: Alg 2

Period 4: Band

Period 5: Chemistry

Period 6: Choir

Period 7: Spanish

Period 8: Creative writing.

I don't know if those are the actual periods or not, but those are my classes...

Days until school starts: NONE. >3. <---- You know how < 3 (lessthanthree) makes a heart? Well, that is morethanthree- a non- heart!! el oh el I'm so funny!

Good bye.


dynamicfaithfullove said...

Hi I'm a Christian teen who gives Christian advice through my blog.
I thought that if you put a link to my blog on your blog and I put a link to your blog on mine, we both could have a further outreach for God. What do you say?

M+ said...

How's it going so far?

You'll do just fine. You have your priorities in order, which is something a lot of girls your age can't say. So trust God to lead you where you're supposed to be.

Speaking of which, you seem inclined to find a job in ministry of some sort. Take business classes so you'll have the kind of background necessary to run an organization that does charitable work. Maybe then you'll be able to create a charity that does for eastern european children what Compassion does in the rest of the world.
Just a thought...

BTW; it should be "thought control"