Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One oh One and a Purple Door

So remember last week when I told y'all about Day Zero Project? Well, here's a short update.

We're a week into the project and I already have two goals completed and a bunch in progress! Goals number 1 and 37 are completed! Goal #1 was to dye my hair, and as you can see with the previous blog post, that one is now completed! Goal #37 was to buy a belt from Hot Topic, and that is now completed with my brand new piano seat belt! I would show you a picture from the website, but I can't find it... :-( Just immagine this but with a piano design.

Goal #10, Go to Purple Door, is about to be completed! Purple Door is a big music festival in PA, and I'm going with some of my friends. It has a lot of Scream-o and heavy metal music. :D I like scream-o. ;-)

GAHH! What is with all the emoticons in this blog post??? UGHH, I hate it!

This weekend my friend Luke, who I haven''t seen in a year is visiting me and going with me to Purple Door. I can't wait! I met him last year when my family went to Ukraine and we've remained in touch and have become good friends. His parents are missionaries in Ukraine but they had to come back to the states because of visa issues; and now they have to stay longer because they need to raise more support.

Our exchange student arrived from Russia! YAY! Her name is Lena so I'm sure you'll be hearing about her a lot this upcoming year. She's 16- only a few weeks older than me- and has the same homeroom teacher as me. She's registering for school and signing up for classes tomorrow, so I guess we'll see if we have any other classes together, although we won't know for sure until the first day of school when we get our schedules.

Days left until school: 11
Days until Purple Door: 1!!!


M+ said...

Hi, Faith!
Thanks for leaving the comment at my Purple Door post. It's so awesome that you were there, too!
I wish you would've come to the Compassion booth, to at least say "Hey!" to me.

I've seen FF5 before. Creation this year and last year at Vertical Fest. They do have an incredible show!

I only have the one tattoo right now. But now you'll know it's me the next time you see me at one of the festivals.

Keep in touch.

Julie said...

Hi there!

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