Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Last Journal Entry!


1) There were actually two days more than this on my trip. One was our "tourist day" and the other we traveled back to the states. HOWEVER, I was too lazy to actually write anything those days, so I'll do a picture post in place of those days.
2) Any questions? Ask me in the comments and I'll do a post answering them when I get back from Peru!


06. 17. 08/ Day Eight
Today we worked in a community called Guarari. There are three areas of the community: one nice-ish part; one with government housing; and the part we were in. We worked in an area called "la quenca", or "the pit" in English. We saw around 111 patients. My dad taught me how to fit people with reading glasses, which was... interesting. It was challenging, because although my dad taught me what phrases to say, he didn't prepare me for what the patients would say back. I gave out about three pairs in the morning, then in the afternoon people found out we were giving out eyeglasses; and I was busy all afternoon.

This evening we had dinner with the people who went with us to Amubri. They showed pictures and we hung out and talked for a while. Here are some pictures:

Tomorrow we're going to have more of a Tourist Day before we go back to the states. We're going to see a volcano (named Poas) and some waterfall and butterfly gardens called La Paz.
Today at dinner I was trying to change the quality of my pictures, and I accidentally formatted my card! I am SO upset. I almost cried. On Friday my mom's taking me to the camera shop to try to get the pictures back.
I can't wait to get home! Two more days!
See ya!

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territerri said...

The tourist day sounds awesome. I'd love to see the butterfly garden. I hope you got some good pictures!