Friday, June 27, 2008

Days Six and Seven!

1) Replying to comments: Territerri- I post one journal entry per day, sometimes two if there's a short one. Thanks for adding me to your reader!

2) One more day 'till I leave for Peru! I can't wait! I actually am taking a break from packing to write this. I'll probably take Of Mice and Men with me.

06.15.08/Day Six

Today was our final work day. Woot. Since it's Sunday, It was a bit slower. OK, it was really slow! I mainly played ball with some little kids. Here are some pictures:

Those kids can sit there for and throw a ball back and fourth for hours and not get bored! They seriously have amazing attention spans! ADD does not exist here... LOOK! A BIRD! I have ADHD...

My mom says ADD is more common n the US because kids are overstimulated, and sometimes it can be over diagnosed.

Today we had a closing "Ceremony" with the people we ministered to. Hugo and Dana (one of our translators) put on a play for the people about a man who beats his daughter, then at the end she says that she wants to be just like him, and that makes him realize that he is mistreating her and he finds Christ.

After dinner we had a meeting just with the team, and we shared our expectations we had before the trip and something God taught us during the trip. This is what I said:

I've been on a few mission trips, and I've learned not to have very high expectations, because you're likely to be disappointed. Still, I couldn't help having a few expectations. I thought it would be like last year, [I went on a trip to this same area last year], and I thought I would have more work to do then I did. But God's taught me that it's not the work that matters as much as the relationships you build with people.
Today, at dinner, our cook made a fathers day banana cake. I didn't eat any, but I heard it was good. We finally had something other than rice - pasta! I was glad, because I am SO sick and tired of rice, and I LOVE PASTA!
Well, It's past lights out, so good night! Tomorrow, we go back to San Jose and we stop at a beach on the way! YAY. See ya!
06.16.08/Day Seven
Today we traveled from Amubri back to San Jose. We stopped at a beach Called Cahuita on the way back. It was nice, but I got a REALLY bad sunburn. All in all, nothing really happened today.

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Anonymous said...

It is easy to be disappointed when you have too many expectations. I think that happens in all areas of our lives. It's great though, that you realized building relationships is what is most important. And that too carries over into all aspects of our lives. Pretty cool!