Tuesday, June 24, 2008

06.17.08/Day Three

THE THIRD OF MY JOURNAL ENTRIES!!! A few notes before I begin....

1) I got my pictures back, so I'll post pictures soon when I get my dads pictures.

2) Camp Rock premiered!! I loved it! More on that soon.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for..... (not really....)

06.17.08/ Day Three

Today we started work. In the morning, I mainly sat around, but I did interact with some of the locals a little bit. In the afternoon, I helped out with the children's program; mainly with the crafts.

There were two girls who grew very attached to me. One in the morning, and another after lunch. The morning one- I forget her name- took me all over the center, and I tried to talk to her; keyword being tried. I think she went home after lunch, because she came back when the other kids were singing during the lesson.

The other girl I met during the "Arts 'n' Crafts" Portion of the lesson. I offered to her with her craft, and she hardly left my side. While the kids were singing, I sat down and read more of Animal Farm. (It's very good; I'm almost done!) Afterwards she came up to me and I helped her color She's very precise- she would hand me a crayon, show me where to color,and I would. She's so cute!

After the Bible lesson, two members of our team dressed as clowns and did a show for the kids. During the show they called some of us up to help and do some activities with the kids. The girl from this afternoon (I forget her name as well) never left my side.

This morning our water stopped working- including the water used to flush the toilets! It came back on during the day, but its starting to go back out again. I hope it comes back on before I go to bed so I can take a shower.

Breakfast was a big surprise- rice and beans! (Sarcasm.) We also had eggs. Lunch was rice, beans, and overdone beef. We haven't eaten dinner yet, but taking a wild guess, we'll probably have rice, beans, and some kind of meat, probably chicken. One think I love about Costa Rican meals is the fruit juice! I don't know if its fresh squeezed or not, but it tastes AMAZING. I'm going to read more of Animal Farm and change now. See you tomorrow!


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you really made a positive impact on those little girls!

At least all the rice and beans will help you appreciate the variety of foods you probably take for granted at home (like we all do!)