Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Peru Choronicles, Part One.

1)Obviously, I'm back! I've actually been back for a few days, but I was catching up on some much needed R&R.

2)Tommorow my family is visiting a Slovic church in our area so we can get a feel for what it's like for when we're in Ukrain.

Monday, June 30/ Day One:

Today we travled. WOO HOO. Fortunetly I wasn't traveling completely alone, two other girls, Hannah and Caitlyn flew out of the same airport as me, and we met a bunch of other people when we had our layover.

When we got to Miami, we met up with one of the LITS and a group from Canada and we went to the hotel, where we checked in with the Leaders. They gave us our devotional books, our name tags, our room keys, and they took our passports.

After that we went to lunch. We were allowed to go to any of the surrounding resturaunts as long as we were in groups of at least four. Hannah, Caitlyn and I went to KFC with some other kids we met there. After lunch, Caitlyn and I went back to our room and we hung out with our roomates.

Tonight, we had our first FUAGNEM (Fired Up And Going Nuts Every Minute) service. B.J. Harris, an Illusionist performed and talked about how easy it is to be decieved, especially in our christian life.

After that, we met with our teams and had drama placement. I'm a mime in our drama! Lights out is literally right now, so See ya tomorrow!


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