Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Peru Choronicles, Parts Two & Three

1) Today my family went to a Russian speaking church. While we were there, the pastor called us up to the front and introduced us and said we were going to Ukraine, and that's why were there. He noticed I had been singing with the congregation during the songs, and asked if I spoke Russian! See, I didn't know the customs of the church, and I didn't want to be rude, so I pretended I knew what I was doing, and lip-synced the songs!

2) If you read my blog, could you comment? I just want to know how many people actually read my blog. I really don't have any way of knowing, and I'm curious.

With that...

Tuesday, July First
( d a y t w o )

Today we started drama training. The play we're doing is called Spellbound: Toymaker & Son, and it basically describes Creation to the Resurrection. It starts with the Toymaker & his Son creating a place called Toy land, with special toys. (The Prince and Princess.)
They are tricked by the Evil Magician, and toy land is spellbound. The Toymaker sends his son to break the barrier that had formed when the Prince was tricked by the Magician. (NOTE: I'll post a better version of this. I was half- asleep when I wrote this!)

We also had language training, and we learned things like "Me llamo es..." and "Donde esta es el bano?"

Time to sleep!



Wednesday, July 2,2008.
( d a y t h r e e )
Drama training. Again. All. Freakin'. Day. There really isn't much to report about that, we just practiced our drama over and over and over and over...

I promise, these will get more interesting, but while we're training\, we have early mornings, long days, and late nights.

Tomorrow we travel!



mr zig said...

I read it - (and if you wanna know who reads it you should visit google analytics, or statcounter - both give you pretty sweet details about who visits your blog.... (It takes a little getting used to, but it's not too complicated)

mr zig said...

hey - thanks for commenting on my blog! -

Anyway, the code for your blog needs to be added to the template. (If you're using new blogger, (where your template arrangement can be changed by dragging components around) - you need to add a new component, at the very end (I believe you add an HTML component) - then you place the code in there, and voila - If you are using old blogger, where your template edit is all done in a giant text editor you have to place the code at the end before the "< / html >" tag.... Good Luck :)