Saturday, July 26, 2008

What's up?

ummmm.... I kind of lost my travel notebook when my Best Friends slept over, so I can't really update my trip... and I kind of go to Ukrain on Friday....

OMG FRIDAY! I CANT BELIEVE IT! I'M NOT READY!!! *hyperventalates* omgomgomg. (cue panic attack)

So yea, I guess I'll blog on what's been happening to me this summer.


uhhhhh... I've been online al ot? Seriously, I'm SO freakin' glad I have Summer of Chaos to keep me occupied, otherwise I'd probably need a vacation from my vacation. I'm so tired though! Normally when I have insomnia, I get so much creative inspiration, but I'm just creatively dry! I think the best thing for me is to just sit down and write. Get my notebook, or open Microsoft Word, and write!

Last night my youth group had a Girls Slumber Party and a Guys Night Out. The guys saw The Dark Night, went paint balling, and I think went swimming. The girls went swimming, made jewelry, and watched chick flicks. It was actually pretty fun, though. We watched She's the Man and The Wedding Planner. They were so funny! Cue the quotes:

WP: The Wedding Planner

STM: She's the Man

"Buddy buddy friend!"- WP

"Steve. The One"- WP

"Duke: Why do you have tampons?
Viola/Sebastian: uhh... I use them for nosebleeds...??"- STM

There were a lot of funny quotes from both movies, but I'm too tired to remember them all. I strongly recommend both movies, even if you don't like chick flicks; STM isn't even a chick flick!

Also, I'm hoping to apply for a job at a local deli in my area. I really do need a job, with me being 15 and the whole "teenage girl= loves shopping, but has no money/ Teenager = broke" thing. However, it says on the application "are you 16 or older?" then has two boxes to check: "yes" or "no." I'm not sure if that's just saying "you must be 16 to work here" or if it's just something that will help determine your position/hours. I would love to work there, and if I just ask for minimum wage and work 1 1/2- 2 1/2 days a week (Sat. all day and Wed. evenings/ Wed. evenings, Sat. all day and Sun. afternoons) that's about $65- $70 a week! (rounding up; minimum wage is $6.55) I know that's not a lot, but in teenager land that's almost a fortune, especially the price of clothes these days! ( If you wear name brand clothes, which I generally don't because I cant afford it...)

However, there is a local Pizza place near my house that I could walk to if I worked there. There is nothing about a job opening posted, but I will look into it. It would be really nice to work there, because I can't drive yet, so days when both my parents are working, I can just walk to work, and with the price of gas these days, it's just easier to walk so my parents can save money on gas.

Tomorrow I'm speaking at church about my trip to Peru. I really don't want to; I suck at public speaking, but I feel like I should.

So that's what's going on in my life; how bout you? You don't have to answer that, it just sounded good.

Adios, readers!


PS: Please visit territerri; she just donated a kidney to her father yesterday. Leave her a nice message! She has a great blog and was literally the first blog I started reading. Also, please pray for her post- op, it's going to be hard on her!

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territerri said...

The overnight sounds like a great time! And you're leaving again already this week? No wonder you call it the summer of chaos!

Definitely ask about a job at the pizza place. Even if they're not hiring, you could just make yourself a familiar face when later, down the road they might be hiring. Also, you just never know. Maybe they'll hire you even though they're not advertising for help.

And thank you for all of your prayers and encouragement for my dad and me. I fully believe that things have gone so well this far because of everyone's prayers. You're a good friend!