Thursday, July 31, 2008

Because I'm To Lazy To Type Anything...

...and I'm going to Ukraine tomorrow and wanted to get a post in.

...and I'm to lazy to do a proper VLog, I decided to do a You Tube cliché and record my reaction to a video. Which video, you ask? I recorded my reaction to....

[ Drumroll, please!]



In case you haven't guessed, I'm a BIG Harry Potter fan, and it's more exciting for me beacause HBP is my favorite HP book. Now, normally, I view the books and movies as separate entities entirely, and let the movie sink in before tearing apart minute differences and comparing, but this time (and when the Twilight movie comes out) I'm going to be sitting in the theater reading along. Actually, I'll probably just treat it like I normally do, and not read along, but, still,.... I don't know where I was going with that train of thought....

Anyhoos, my reaction!

Yes, I was exaggerating for the camera. Doesn't everyone?

Also, as I've said many times before (I think) I'm going to Ukraine tomorrow! Since hearing the time of my flight (6:30 PM) I've decided that I think I like flying to Europe! Of course, I'll probably get horrible jet lag because I don't do overnight flights to well, but still, I don't have to get up at some obscene, ungodly hour in the morning! We have a layover in London (YAY! *squeel*) and then we're in Ukraine! The only things I'm not really looking forward to are a)I'm going to be playing with kids in a skirt (culture) and primitive outhouses. (COMMUNISM!)

Of course, I'll take lots of pictures and share them with you! (I'm not making any promises, sorry.)

On a lighter note, my dad took me to Old Navy and practically begged me to spend his money! (music to a teen girls ears! LOL.) I just wanted a pair of skinny jeans, and he bought me two pairs, and two skirts! I'd take pictures and show you, but they're in the wash right now. I also got a haircut and a long overdue lip wax. The haircut was long overdue, too. I could actually tuck my bangs behind my ears and put my hair into two pigtails and the bangs would go into the pigtails and not fall out! I got layers and my bangs trimmed, and it looks so good!

Well, I'll see you in two weeks, maybe sooner! We're staying in an apartment, and I don't know if we'll have Internet access or not. I'm pretty sure we will, because the woman whose apartment we're staying in has a weblog, so I'll see. I want to take my laptop, but I don't know if my dad will let me. Hopefully he will!



Aspiring Author said...

Wow, Europe!! Thats so exciting... I wish you luck and have fun!

Aspiring Author said...

PS... Nice reaction, and I ^heart^ HP 2!!!