Saturday, May 31, 2008


This post come in 6 parts:

1) Why do I always write posts so late at night? I'm dead tired, I feel like crap, and.... it's only 10:30. I suppose it feels later to me because I'm so tired. I've been staying up late the past few nights, because I've been reading the host -- I mean studying for finals! OK, I've been reading, but I've also been studying. I'm serious!

2) Yesterday I took my Bible final (I go to a Christian School), so that's one down, five to go. This Wednesday, the fourth, is my last day of school. Not only is it a half day, but I also get out early because I only have one test that day! YAY!

3) I also got The Host by Stephenie Meyer for my birthday, which was last Thursday. IT'S FREAKIN AMAZAZING!!!!!!!!! I love it! I'm not going to say anymore about it unless you ask, because I don't want to spoil it for anyone.

4) My birthday was last Thursday- I'm 15 now. There's no difference, 15 isn't that special of a birthday, and I always hate it when people say "How does it feel to be__(insert number here)?" I don't know why, it just does.

5) My high school's graduation was today, and I think that's part of why I'm so tired. I had to be there because I'm in band and choir, and obviously band was playing. I HATE "Pomp and Circumstance" with a burning, fiery, passion in my soul!
I don't know about other schools, but at my school the choir always sings at graduation. I currently have no voice whatsoever, so singing was a bit difficult for me. I mainly lip-synced. shh, don't tell anyone!

6) Yesterday my school had a concert featuring two local bands to raise money to send a group of students to Spain with our non-existent Spanish Club. The trip is actually open to anyone who wants to go, as long as they've taken at least a year of Spanish, but freshman aren't allowed to go. I had to be there because I'm going on the trip, which should be really fun! I can't wait!

Anyway, the concert was really good, but not many people were there- I'm guessing around 50 or so, and that included the people going on the trip who had to be there if they wanted money. It was actually kind of funny. The concert was so small and there was nowhere to sit, so everyone there was in the mosh pit, but no was was dancing or moving, they were just standing there! I clapped though, and I jumped around a little. During the first bands performance, I also took part in a "conga line" and ran around the gym. It was fun!

Wow. I managed to write a fairly long post. Cool. However, territerri commented on my "Blog on Blogging" (which was really cool- I freaked out! Don't laugh, she was the first person I started reading! I can't believe I just admitted that on the Internet...), and she said longer isn't necessarily better, and I guess she's right. I guess blogging also becomes better with practice. I've learned that in Vloging, as well with editing.

See Ya!


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territerri said...

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

And second, you make me feel so honored that you were excited about me commenting! I was smiling when I read that and my daughter asked me what I was smiling about. I told her, "There's a girl your age who writes a blog and she has read mine too." So of course she had to read and she thinks it's really cool that you're writing a blog.