Sunday, May 11, 2008

5 parts

This blog is coming to you in 5 parts. (Anyone out there that would get that?)

1) Guess what!

My parents went on a cruise. WITHOUT. ME. THEIR. OWN. FLESH. AND. BLOOD. THEIR. FAVORITE. AND. ONLY. DAUGHTER. I don't blame 'em, though, for leaving me behind. The cruise WAS for their 20th anniversary...

2)In other news, my school is starting a traveling choir, and I will be auditioning for that soon. Wish me luck!

3) Speaking of school, I promised I would write a post on Oklahoma!, and I was going to do it now, but blogger isn't letting me upload the pictures, so I do it the next time I get a chance. It will probably be Tuesday, But I'm not making any promises!

4) A few questions about blogger:
a) How do I make a blog roll?
b) I do I know if I get any subscribers?
c) How do I liveblog?

5) I wrote some more! Here is a little blurb-thingy that I wrote. Its warm and fuzzy-ish, not like my general "emo-ish" style, but I was in a good mood when I wrote that. More stuff to come soon!

Who are we to try to take the place of God? We’re always saying “This is the way the earth is,” and it’s not. God created the world, and were apart of the creation. We’re meant to glorify God, not try to be God! God made the world a certain way—we can’t change that, so why are we trying to? God is a writer, and WE are his story.
And with that, I say Good night! Good night!
... don't ask. I'm hyper.

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