Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A blog on Blogging

So, I want to write a post, but I really don't know what to write. I mean, really, what does one write in a blog? I suppose I could write about my day, but school doesn't take up much space in a blog.

I always feel like I should have long posts, but I can never quite fill up the space to make a post long.

I'll admit it, blogging doesn't come easily to me, like some people. I honestly wish it did. At first I assumed it was my age; I'm 15, and I'm growing up in an age of Video Blogging. (Vlogging) I first started reading territerri, then huckdoll, and their both older than I am (not that much older, huckdoll's in her 20's) , and I assumed it would come easier to them, since they grew up doing more writing. Then I started reading Kaley. (owlssayhooot) Kaley's entries were long, and they seemed to come so easily to her! Why?

"What's her secret?!" I would ask myself day after day. I honestly still don't have an answer. I think one just needs to sit down at their computer and make themselves write, as I am doing now.

Well, whad'dya know? I seem to have written a fairly long post. Of course, I'll probably publish this, and it will probably be really, really, short. (Excuse my sucky grammar. ; ). Curse the blogger... box that you type in... It makes posts seem so frikin long, then you post them and they're so short...

Anyways, I'll see you guys later.


PS: I just realized I can preview my posts! Darn, that completely contradicts nearly everything I say in my post... Jeez Louise that sucks.


territerri said...

I think you're right... you just need to start writing and you did just that in this post! Sometimes I just write really silly stuff and sometimes I spill my guts when I write. I don't think longer is necessarily better either. I think if you just write what's on your mind and in your heart, you'll end up with a good post.

I read some of your other posts and I'm really impressed with your writing!

Faith said...

Thanks for your comment! Reading different blog posts, I have realized that. I don't blog much, but I'm generally pleased with what I write, long or short.