Friday, May 29, 2009

I iz 16, yo!

Today was my sweet sixteen! WOOHOO!!! Unfortunately for me, that does not mean driving, for two very important reasons.

1) Where I live, you can't get your learners permit until you are 16. Frikin' government.
2) I'm going to Ukraine this summer and I would not get driving hours in anyway.

So today my friends threw me a surprise party! I thought just my best friends, Lily and Jess L. were coming over and we would eat sushi and then go to Red Lobster. (My favourite restaurant) So when my dad and I went to pick up the sushi, the doorbell rang. I looked out my window and saw Jess B. being chased by my dog (Tica) through the flower beds! While slightly confused, I figured Lily's mom was just taking her home, and they decided to ding-dong ditch me since it was my birthday.

So then dad and I got home from picking up the sushi and I see WAY more than two people in the kitchen.. they all shout "surprise" and well, yea. I got a surprise party! It was a lot of fun. We had sushi and Chinese takeout from a great local place, and hung out and went to the park down the street from my house.

From Lily: "The Silver Chord" by The Classic Crime

From Jess L. : three headbands; two tubes of lip gloss; four sets of clip- in hair extensions (green, purple, orange, and blue); hairspray; double ended eyeliner (purple and blue); sparkly eyeshadow (palette of blue, black, yellow, purple and two shades each of green , pink, and orange); a green skater cap; and nail polish (pink, green, orange, blue sparkles, and silver sparkly.)

From Justine: She's not finished making my gift, so an IOU slip.

From Jess B. :Borders gift card (yay! :-D) and a notebook.

From Belen and Sarah: A fuzzy pillow and a picture frame.

From Yearin and her mom: A Korean pencil case with pens and white- out tape; three pairs of earrings; bath crystals; money; and Rinny made me a gift card to her "store." (She's trying to sell a bunch of her clothes before she goes back to Korea and to college)

From my parents: A necklace. No, not a car. :*-(

Tomorrow is Graduation, and I'm playing in the band; the only flautist playing the first part. Yay? I don't know if I should be happy or not. I'm going to a party for Rinny's and my friend Laura afterwords. (She's the valedictorian. I'm friends with the valedictorian and sister to the Saludictorian! [Rinny's the saludictorian.])

Sunday is my family and I don't know if it's my friends party or not; cuz all my friends who were gonna go to that party came to the surprise party...

But anyway, it's Rinny's graduation party and my family birtday party. I have a lot of party's this weekend... Good thing the drinking age isn't 16. I'd have a bad Monday if it was...

JK!!! I don't drink. I doubt I'll even drink when I turn 21....

So anywayze, That's about it. Rinny took a lot of pictures tonight so when she puts them on facebook I'll download them and put them on here. I promise, I really will. I'll also probably take pictures of my gifts and put them on here too.

Days left of being a wise fool: 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Days until I'm 17: 364
Days until Ukraine: 21

Adios, amigos!


terri said...

Happy Birthday! Kacey's not driving yet either. She's been too busy with softball and volleyball to get her driving hours in. Besides, she's not in a hurry, so that's fine with me.

Huckdoll said...

My favorite restaurant is Red Lobster, too! But none up here in Vancouver, must drive down the the US to get my fix :)

Happy Sweet 16! Enjoy these years missy!!