Saturday, March 14, 2009

I is Back

I got home from Spain on Thursday. I know I promised pictures... but I took over 300 and honestly don't really feel like uploading them again... I've already put them on facebook. (Not that any of you will see my facebook... but still, that was 5 albums worth of pictures.) Maybe in a few day's I'll get motivated and upload some of the highlights...

Great, I had a change of mind in the middle of a post. I'll upload some pictures for y'all. (Oh, gosh. I just said y'all. That's horrible grammar, and no one in my town says y'all, so where did I pick that up?)

Oh, and before I forget, I got my ears pierced again in Spain! Yay! I can't believe my dad actually let me... So now I have two holes.

I think I'll upload the pictures in parts, probably somewhere between 15-30 per post, 'cuz I took A TON of pictures. So here we go!

Wait a minute... I just remembered there's a "blog this" option on Picasa.... Sorry, I'm so discombobulated... You'll see pictures somehow, someway, I promise!

I'm gonna go make up my mind now....

1 comment:

Rolling said...

what does that combobulating word mean Faith?!!! Everybody I read on blogs is using it and I dont even know what it means - tell me, will you?

O and nice to know about your Spain trip, ear piercing, and I enjoyed the Tag post, esply the smart use of the Hippo line and the one that said "you dont know it" :)
Hope you are well, take care,
(the natty teacher from India)