Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I feel like my life is bipolar. Seriously. One minute, my family is ripping each other's throats out, then we're crying, then we're laughing and joking like one big happy family!

Today my dad came back from a five- day trip to Romania. My mom was stressing out all day, because the house was a tad messy and she didn't want to make him mad. On Tuesdays, I have cheer leading practice until 5:30, then my flute lesson on the other side of town at 6:00. Not great to get to. After clearing up mixed signals about which lock on the door was actually locked, we were finally in the car on my way to my lesson. Mom had missed a call while trying to figure out why me and my sister went in through the front door and not the back, and she tried to call him back. Well, the third time she called, he picked up the phone, and she didn't realize it; nor did she realize that she hadn't actually hung up the phone. So she goes off on to some rant about HOW STRESSED she is and HOW DIRTY the house is and how NO ONE picks up the phone when she calls and yadda, yadda, YADDA.

Yea, dad heard all that.

So he comes home and their at each others throats. I didn't hear all of their argument because I took a shower to block it all out, but it sounded pretty bad. Then dad lectures me because apparently I didn't do ANYTHING to help out around the house while he was gone and I blow my parents off and I might not be allowed to go to Spain this spring and I have too minutes to clean my room which even though he hasn't seen it AT ALL since he's been home apparently it's to messy...

Then we start having this serious conversation about my mom's anger issues and how he heard her rant and a bunch of other stuff that's private to my family. And then he says that he might not go to my Grandparents house for thanksgiving with the rest of my family. (My grandparents live in a different state and we'll be there for a while.) And I start crying. And he starts crying. He says he won't leave my mom because he made a vow between her, him and God. But I'm still scared. What if mom decides to leave him? Please pray for my family.


a girl for God said...

don't worry, faith. don't worry at all. God will take care of everything, and we're all only humans.
your mum and dad love each other, and that's what matters, right?
my family has arguments all the time, and sometimes really bad ones too. like, REALLY bad. i won't tell you what about, cos they're BAD.
i'll pray - but know that everything is in God's hands.

terri said...

Oh, Faith. I'm so sorry. We parents can be real idiots sometimes. I recognized myself when you described the ways your parents sort of complain about each other to you. I guess I have done that now and then too. Sometimes we get so stressed out and we don't always think to keep things in perspective and we don't always realize the effect our emotions have on our kids.

If your parents are anything like my hubby and me, they are just going through a bad patch. Too much going on all at once and not enough hours in the day. And if they're anything like us, a few days will pass and things will be less stressful and they'll wonder why the heck they got so worked up about everything.

I will pray for you and your family. *Hugs*

Nathary said...

Parents are people too. They cry, they hurt, they scream in pain, only we don't see it throught, but they're just like us. You're a good girl, god will bless you all.