Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Whacha Get?

So, yea, this post is just a little late.... Mainly because my computer crashed and so now I have to use my moms computer, and I don't like blogging when my parents are in the room and I just remembered my parents read this but I'm too lazy to take that out and this is a really long run on sentence and hopefully people can read it cuz I find run on sentences impossible to read.


So anyway, this is what I got for Christmas:

An iPod (4g purple nano)
Two books (Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris, and I forget the name of the other one....)
A Vera Bradly purse
clothes ( a jacket, two rocker tees, and a sweater)
money ($250, but $130 is for travel)
gift cards (to target...)
nail polish
hair dye
So what did you get?
My family had the dinner for my extended family at my house this year, which I honestly didn't mind. However, all my cousins are three or more years younger than me, and we got rid of all my toys. So with nothing to do, my cousins decided to play pretend. The story? They were kids home alone one night, and they get robbed, but defeat the robber by beating her up. The robber? Yea, that was me. Fuuuuuuuuuun....

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a girl for God said...

hey, i got Do Hard Things too! it's awesome.