Saturday, October 4, 2008

Under the Stars...

... Homecoming '08.

So... last night was my schools homecoming! Compared to last year, it was a tad disappointing. Last years theme was Old Hollywood (or something like that...) and was held at a fancy banquet hall at one of the nicest country clubs in my town, and catered. This years theme was "Night Under the Stars" and was held in the school gym, with deserts. (There was a chocolate fountain, though. It was heaven in a silver dish!) SO. PICTURES.

(I'm the one in the purple.)

I don't care, though. It wasn't that bad. OMG LILY'S (The girl next to me in the first picture) DATE (The only guy in the second picture) WAS SOOOO POLITE! HE KNOWS HOW TO TREAT A LADY! Seriously! At dinner he offered to serve my salad, and all night, whenever we went any were, he always said "Ladies first!" (He's pretty good looking, too!) (Dad, you didn't read that...)

And now I sleep.


Abigail said...

awwwwesome! my school doesn't have dances. cos then the guys would have to actually ask the girls. and no one would. so it would be weird. and awkward. haha.
you're so lucky!

terri said...

Sounds like fun!

Kacey's homecoming dance was in the school gym, and was just a mixer, not a formal. She ended up feeling sick and missing it. She finished her biology project instead. Poor girl.